Stoicon-X New England 2018

(New England region: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine) This is a local gathering in affiliation with Stoicon 2018 in London and Stoicon-X throughout the world.

Whether you are new to the Greek philosophy of Stoicism or already well-versed in the topic, this conference is a chance to learn more about Stoicism and interact with others interested in the topic.

Hosted by the New England Stoics.


Time and place

90 Main St. Worcester, MA 01608
Use lower side entrance on State Street, in the basement Sunday School area of the First Unitarian Church.


Agenda outline (with regular breaks, approximately hourly):

Time Title Speaker
1:00pm opening
Stoicism 101 Marc Deshaies
2:00pm Psychotherapy's Debt to Stoicism John Monfredo
Social Dynamics Pete Fagella
3:00pm lightning talks
Debates from the Ages
birds-of-a-feather discussion groups
4:00pm Stoicism and the Intellectual Scalpel Tim Howe
scenario simulations
5:15pm reception @ Armsby Abbey

Event begins at 1:00pm sharp and ends promptly at 5:00pm.

After-party/reception to follow afterward at Armsby Abbey.


Organizers and speakers

Marc Deshaies

Marc Deshaies is a software engineer in Massachusetts who has been practicing Stoicism since 2014. In 2016 he earned a certificate from the online College of Stoic Philosophers, in the School of Essential Studies, Theory & Practice and has given several talks on Stoicism in Worcester and a lightning talk on Stoic Cosmology at Stoicon-X in Toronto in 2017.

Marc instigated the New England version of this event and heads up this year's steering committee.

  • Stoicism 101
  • Pete Fagella

    Pete is the primary organizer of the New England Stoics group and a tireless cat-herder. He lives in New Hampshire and works at the Navy Yard, alternately attending new classes and building new things.

    Pete is the master of ceremonies for this year's NE Stoicon-X.

  • Social Dynamics
  • Why we Practice (lightning talk)
  • Tim Howe

    Tim is an unabashed technologist who enjoys realizing what just hasn't ever changed despite all our gadgets. He works in software and systems engineering, developing medical devices and information systems. A dilettante, he has skimmed many of the Roman Stoics and needs to get around to the rest. Interests include homoiconicity, production systems, AI ethics, expert critics, comparative philosophy, and human-in-the-loop modeling.

    Tim is providing logistics management and technical services for this Stoicon-X, and capturing achievements for longer-term program management of New England Stoics events.

  • Stoicism and the Intellectual Scalpel
  • John Monfredo

    John C. Monfredo has a BA in English, a MA in Education and a Masters in Social Work. He is presently working on a doctorate in psychology. John currently works for UMass Memorial Medical Center as a substance use clinician on the Addictions Psychiatry Consultation Team. He has a private counseling/life coaching practice, Creative Partners in Re-Creation, located in Northborough where he works with clients struggling with a variety of life issues.

    In his clinical work, John utilizes a philosophical approach to counseling. He has been interested in Stoic philosophy for many years and will often recommend The Meditations by Marcus Aurelius to his clients. John is a Certified Logic Based Therapy consultant through the National Philosophical Counseling Association and a Certified Affiliate with the American Philosophical Practitioners Association.


    Your name here!

    Several sessions are interactive, questions are welcome, and we encourage any attendee to give a 5-minute lightning talk on any directly related topic. No slides are required and it's fine to come up with it right before.

    Hosted by the New England Stoics. for any questions about the event.