New England Stoic Camp spring 2019

A trip to a rustic mansion in Maine took place over the Memorial Day weekend, . Members and their guests were welcome for a nominal fee which covered group dinners and facility maintenance.

We stayed in a large house in Andover, Maine, with power and wood heat. Dinner (included) was prepared for us to enjoy together, and included vegetarian options. We brought our own breakfasts and lunches to cook in the cabin kitchen.

The goal of this weekend was to enjoy a social atmosphere in nature and get to know each other better as we contemplated topics in more depth than time allows in our regular meetings. Our focus was on applying the works of Epictetus, especially his Discourses.

Hosted by the New England Stoics, Stoic Camp New England includes:

Thanks to the University of Wyoming Department of Philosophy for sharing use of the Stoic Camp name with us.


Members were free to bring a family member or significant other provided they contacted Marc before registering to make arrangements and ensure sufficient room and food were available. A donation of $20 per additional person was collected in person at the event.

Registered attendees have received additional information by e-mail. Please monitor your inbox for updates.


Time and place

Andover, Maine (about 3–5 hours drive north of Boston) at a rustic house on a mountain.
Arrive on Saturday morning by noon for kickoff lunch.
Depart , or .

Everyone was welcome to stay as short or as long as able. Please note, however, we had activities throughout the long weekend, from kickoff lunch upon arrival Saturday until Tuesday morning before departure, so attendees got the most value by staying for the entire time.

Arriving earlier any time Saturday morning allowed a chance to ease into nature, take a look around, or relax with a book.



What we brought

(May be amended; please check email before your final packing.)




Hosted by the New England Stoics. for any questions about the event.